Implementation of the project Nature No.1

Project Nature No.1 is successfully implemented on both sides of the border. The works are in full swing in Croatia and Hungary.

Croatia Thanks to this project, old roads and trails have been newly constructed, allowing better access to visitors, but also the ability to access the equipment for routine maintenance. The existent lake has been purified and stone determined. Shelters have been built for holiday visitors as well as the benches and waste bins. Arboretum area is cleared of weeds, indigenous and invasive species and arbocultural works have been worked off. Working on this project, the determination of the species is being continued so that the number of new taxas is 95 and overall number of taxas in Arobretum Lisičine now is 511.

Hungary With the help of this project, the Lodge Studinka has been restored and put in order,which became a center for the management of nature “Laszlo Studinka” but also an informative part for visitors.The wildlife park “Nagysalle,” was bulit for visitors to see animals in their natural environment. There is also an educational track, which Center for nature management “Laszlo Studinka” park and wildlife “Nagysaller” connects with the Forest School (school in nature) Sziagy.