About project

The Project Nature No. 1 – Nature is the first and foremost- Cross- border companionship based on forest resources reinforcement. This project will be conducted by the IPA Programme cross- border companionship between the Republic of Hungary and the Republic of Croatia in order to help the community in terms of pre-accession for the Cross- Border component. The goals for the leading year 2013 are to succesfully conduct with the natural and cultural heritage and to work intensively on the economical interaction between the two countries.The carrier of this programme is Hrvatske šume, limited liability company, branch- office Našice, their partners Smete ( Hungary ) , Public institution for conducting natural values of Virovitica- Podravina County and Virovitica- Podravina County as adjoint member of this project .The project is made by VIDRA – Agency for Regional Development Virovitica-Podravina County .Nature project. No 1 predicts arbocultural and infrastructural renewal and development of the Arboretum Lisičine – clear land and clearing squalid and overgrown parts of the arboretum, construction and reconstruction of roads and lanes through the arboretum,alignemnt of the canopies, banks and litter landfills, lake clearage and further determinization of the plants in collaboration with the Faculty of Forestry Zagreb, organising presentations and promotion, workshops and printing material as our assignemnt. The total project value amounts to EUR 552,028.26, and will be implemented over 16 months. The project started on July 7, 2011  and should last until September 31, 2012.